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Aspiring to Create Healthier Societies All Around the World

Online Course

Through interactive presentations, Detox Foundation provides educational content that can be seen at any time at any place to absolutely everyone for free!

InternationalSchool Talks

Detox Foundation provides talk sessions for elementary, middle, and high school students all around the world.

Social Media & Articles

Detox Foundation uses social media to spread awareness and knowledge on various topics surrounded around mental health, drugs, and smoking.


What We Provide

Who are we

How Our Course Works

View Presentation Lessons

The Detox Foundation course is comprised of presentations lessons that students can take notes on. The entirety of the course it taught through a digital platform. In order for students to understand the material, Detox Foundation has created various presentations for the chapter/topic they are studying.

Take Quiz

Detox Foundation wants to make sure that its students are thoroughly understanding the material that they are learning. In order to achieve this goal, Detox Foundation has set into place checkpoint-quizzes which allow its students to be tested upon the material they have covered in the sub-section and helps them figure out the things they need to work on.

Take Final Exam

Upon finishing the Detox Foundation course, all students are required to take the final exam in order to graduate. The exam can be taken anytime after the student completes the course and it based upon all of the content that the students has learned.

How it works

Get Certificate

Upon taking the Detox Foundation course, viewing all presentations, and completing the checkpoint quizzes, students will be congratulated with a certificate from the Detox Foundation committee for all of the hard work they have put in. Detox Foundation expects its alumnus to go out and change the world!

An interactive organization aiming to spread awareness about drugs, smoking, and mental disorders.

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How We Can Help


Detox Foundation seeks to help each and every single one of its students. For some, learning is easier and for others it is hard. Detox Foundation aims to help its struggling students through a tutoring system and counseling sessions where they will be able to schedule a one on one session with a mentor in order to get their questions answered.

Furthermore, Detox Foundation has also designated a special section that allows its students to ask a question if they do not want to take the time to schedule an actual tutoring session. These efforts aim to help its students and make sure they are understanding all of the material that this course has to offer.

Included Topics

Mental Disorders

Our Mission

Detox Foundation was founded in 2019. Its main initiative has been to help societies get rid of problems in the real world. We aim to spread awareness against different destructive actions and decisions that harm individuals, families, and potentially societies.    

Detox Foundation aims to close the gap between people and the knowledge needed to understand the harms of smoking and drugs as well as various mental disorders.


A Serious Epidemic That Needs to be Educated and Confronted Today

Enter a New Realm of Learning

Detox Foundation aims to provide an educational pathway on topics that are not discussed often. There is not a single academic course on mental health, drugs, and smoking that uses its resources and drives for a new educational pathway as Detox Foundation aims to do. Detox Foundation hopes to spark curiosity and creativity within its students while also increasing their knowledge in various health subjects. Thinking about the mental health, drugs, and smoking might get people scared and overwhelmed at times. Detox Foundation aims to eliminate that by providing a structured course that is tailored for children, teens, and even adults to understand. Detox Foundation will allow students to take a course they are not taught in school and really grow and prosper their passions as an intellectual human being.

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