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School Talks

Detox Foundation plans to educate children about the harms of drugs, smoking, and various mental disorders. In this day and age, many children do not know about mental disorders and the harms of smoking and drugs. Detox Foundation aims to fill that void and educate about the youth and even some elders who do not know about this through talk sessions. 

Pamphlets and Awareness Materials

The Detox Foundation also creates pamphlets, letters, and blog posts in order to spread an outreach of the dangers of drug abuse, excessive smoking, as well as mental health topics. This will provide a way for us to market our organization to the local people so that they hear about our initiatives and goals to form better living communities. Furthermore, this will allow us to spread awareness to many people walking around downtown and commuting through their normal busy life's and routines. 


Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the biggest resources available. Detox Foundation aims to utilize Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook in order to spread a wider message that can be reached to the entirety of the world and easily accessible to anybody from anywhere around the globe for free while also gaining valuable information that can be carried on for a lifetime.

Interview Sessions

Detox Foundation aims to get professional insight into topics relating to mental health, drugs, and smoking. That is why Detox Foundation makes it one of its goals to interview psychiatrists and doctors who have experience with the different topics stated above. The interviews comprise of different questions that all ages can benefit from.




Different societies have different responses to drugs, smoking, and mental health. Some societies are more prone to these three things and some societies are less prone to them. Furthermore, there are different societies that are more educated about the harms these things can do and then there are societies who have no background knowledge on these topics whatsoever. Detox Foundation aims to research how wide spread mental illnesses, drugs, and smoking are in different socioeconomic societies and how the education of these topics varies.

Mini Course

Detox Foundation has an online course in which the videos talk about mental disorders, drugs, and smoking. There are different topics and chapters for each of the three categories. The course is entirely free and can be accessed by anyone in the world. The students of this course will watch a selected amount of videos for each chapter and will then be required to take a quiz on what they learned. Once the students complete the entire course, they must complete the final quiz and place about 70% in order to graduate. This online course is a great way for anybody to learn about different mental disorders, drugs, and smoking and what they entail. 

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