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What are Detox Foundation Outreach Sessions?

Detox Foundation outreach sessions were founded in 2019 and have been designed to get the entire community and eventually the world involved in understanding the mental health aspects, different drugs and their effects, as well as the harms of smoking. The Detox Foundation outreach sessions can be hosted by any school, youth organization, or a youth event/camp. The Detox Foundation mentors will then come to that event and teach the youth. Not only will these sessions allow the students to learn but will also spark an interest in them about the sciences and inspire them to gain further knowledge and information. The sessions are completely free and require no fees whatsoever. To get in touch with us you and your corporation/organization/camp can email, text or call us to get the details settled.

You might be asking why you should invite Detox Foundation to your company or youth organization. The answer is quite simple. There are so many people all around the world that want to learn about mental health, drugs, ns smoking. However, in this day and age neuroscience is rarely thought in school and children to not have access to that type of education. Inviting Detox Foundation will allow the youth to have exposure to a field that they are not very familiar with but want to learn about.

Outreach sessions can take place any time of the year. They require no cost at all and include a variety of activities for the youth to take place in. If you want to book an outreach session you can email, text, or call us. You can also click the button below and it will set up an email draft for you. In the email you want to answer a variety of questions: the name of your organization/camp/company, what age group does your organization/camp/company contain, any specific learning related activity you would like us to plan out, the number of people expected, and the available time and date for the outreach session.Once you have filled out the email and answered the questions, we will receive your submission and will contact you within 24 hours.

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